About Us


YNP was founded with the vision of creating a company where women can shine in their unique ways,
establishing a company where women can work with peace of mind for a long time.

The current IT industry is dominated by men, accounting for 80%,
and there is a prevalent image of engineering being a male-centric profession.
YNP aims to intentionally create a company in the IT industry where women can actively participate.
In the future, our mission is to expand the choices for every employee,
including single mothers and all women facing obstacles in their work,
to create an environment where they can work comfortably.

In today’s business environment,
we face a society characterized as VUCA, which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.
We believe that in the presence of uncertainty, instability, complexity,
and ambiguity, we need the resilience to pave the way for the future.
We confront this uncertainty, accept change, and provide solutions.
Each individual, equipped with flexibility and insight, courageously tackles challenges, expanding new possibilities as valuable assets.
and we view this as a valuable asset for our company.
Let’s walk together into the future, including 10 years from now and beyond, as we continue to carve our path.

Our Executives

  • 野中優祐


    Yusuke Nonaka

  • 原昇太郎


    Shotaro Hara

  • 木村珠利


    Juri Kimura

  • Company Overview

    • Company Name
      YNP Co., Ltd.
    • Established
      March 2017
    • Capital
    • Location
      Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
      2-7-3 Kanda-Suda-cho,
      VORT Akihabara BLDG. 9th Floor
    • Number of Employees
    • Licenses
      • Worker Dispatch Business License No. 13-315124
      • Paid Job Placement Business License No. 13-ユ-312693
    • Business Activities
      • 1. System Engineering Services
      • 2. System Development and Contracting
      • 3. IT Solution Services
      • 4. Web marketing services
      • 5. Conversational English Services